Advising for a better tomorrow, from a different perspective.

Businesses Helped


Since we started this year, 2021, we have already helped over 15 businesses both small businesses and large. We help all.

Success Rate


We cannot deem our work fully successful, there is always room for improvement. Even for us, everyday is a day to learn, but tomorrow is a day to teach others.

In Service

1 Year

1 year of being set up but that does not mean our experience and knowledge is limited to this.
Business has been in the blood since a young age.

Setting you up
for the future.

Unfound help is here to provide you with the help through our business development consultation and advisory services. As an individual yet ever growing my connections throughout the United Kingdom and abroad, I will help and advise you of some of the best practices to put in place and your next steps forth. A belief of advising for a better tomorrow, from a different perspective.

Unfound Help Business Development Advisory - United Kingdom

Business Development Advisory

Individual Attention

We work closely with our clients so much so, that it is on a 1-to-1 basis.
We take the time to make sure that when they leave our initial contact you have come away with something worthy enough of the time taken away from your busy schedule. Nothing beats wasted time and money.

Zoom Meetings

We really like to get to know the people we are speaking to. This does not mean we have to have those awkward signing off moments on zoom with video calls, but we can do audio calls as well. We use zoom because if we want to share our screens to provide some information it’s the easiest way to do so.

UH Services

As a small business owner, the understanding of expenses and costs of things here and there add up. It has been set up that you pay singular fees per request or a monthly and quarterly subscription packages, for the advisory fees.
We can be as flexible as possible to suit your needs as much as they suit ours.

Who Runs the Show?

Ross Martin, the creator behind the Unfound concept, advises business owners for what may be their next best idea. Book a free 15 minute chat and let’s take it from there.

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Team UnfoundHelp:

Bristol, South Gloucestershire
United Kingdom
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